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How to submit LHDN income tax form via e-Filing

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 | |   0 comments

E-Filing is an alternative method of submitting your Income Tax Return Form (ITRF). If done properly, it’s more convenient and faster than the usual manual submission method.


What is e-Filing?

An application on filling and filing Income Tax Return Form (ITRF) electronically through internet for the following tax forms:

Form name


Form B Business Income
Form BE Non-Business Income
Form P Partnership
Form M (e-M) Non-resident Individual
Form E (e-E) Employer
Form C (e-C) Company
Form R (e-R) 108 statement for company
e-Estimated (e-CP204) An online Estimate Tax Payable Form submission for company/ co-operative society/ trust body


Below are the steps needed for you to start using e-Filing to submit your income tax return form online.  Step 1 and 2 are a must if you are a first time user.


1. Get the PIN

This step is only applicable if this is your first time using e-Filing. You can get the PIN number using one of the following methods:

  • Get it from the ITRF (Income Tax Return Form) sent to you by LHDN/IRBM.
  • Visiting the nearest IRBM/LHDN office.
  • Apply through telephone/ letter/ fax (a copy of identity card is required for verification).


2. Register digital certificate

This step is also for first time user only.

  1. Go to e-Hasil’s “First Time Login”.
  2. Enter the PIN and your IC number to proceed with registering a digital certificate.
  3. Fill in your name, IC number, tax reference number etc. as required. You will also need to supply a password. This password will be required when you want to login to your e-Form later and each time afterwards.
  4. Click “Setuju” button and wait until a popup appears to inform that your digital certificate has been registered successfully.


3. Fill the tax return form

  1. Go to e-Hasil’s “e-Form Login” and choose the appropriate form.
  2. Enter your IC number and password.
  3. Proceed with filling in your tax return form. The form is divided into 7 sections:
    • Maklumat Individu (Individual Information)
    • Maklumat Isteri (Wife Information)
    • Pendapatan Berkanun & Jumlah Pendapatan (Statutory Income & Total Income)
    • Tuntutan Pelepasan (Deductions)
    • Tuntutan Rebat/ Tolakan Cukai/ Pelepasan Cukai (Tax rebate/ deduction/ relief)
    • Rumusan Cukai (Tax summary)
    • Akuan & Tandatangan (Declaration & Signature)

    Make sure you update the form after completing each section by clicking the “Simpan & Teruskan” button at the bottom of each section.
  4. After completing the whole form, click “Tandatangan & Hantar” to digitally sign and submit it.
  5. The form receipt acknowledgement will be displayed. Save and/ or  print the acknowledgement by pressing the “Simpan & Cetak Pengesahan”.
  6. You can also save or print the submitted form by pressing the “Simpan & Cetak e-BE”.
  7. Don’t forget to keep the print outs as your tax record.

Source: Inland Revenue Board (IRB) / Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) Malaysia.

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