How to succeed when complaining to your bank


As a consumer, it is your right and responsibility to address any dissatisfaction or discrepancy with your bank. Whether it is a case of illegal transaction such credit card fraud or an error made by your bank, it is advisable that you take your case to the authorities.

When making a complaint, it’s essential that you do it properly. Proper complaining ensures you getting a quick resolution from your bank.
In case you aren’t sure what to do, here are the steps needed when making a complaint:


Step 1 –Find details and file a complaint

Find out the details of the bank's Complaints Unit. The unit usually goes by a different name -Customer Services Department, Customer Feedback Department etc. Anyway BNM has prepared the List of Licensed Banking Institutions in Malaysia. You can look up for the details in there.

You can complain directly to the officer in charge over the counter or via phone,  or write in formally to the Complaints Unit. If you phone or show up in person, remember to note down the name of the officer you spoke to, date and time you called.


Step 2 –Follow up call / letter

If the case is not resolve your case, follow-up on your call with an official letter to your bank. Keep things clear, simple and include all essential information. Remember to give the important information for example name, account number and photocopies of relevant documents, and keep a copy of the complaint letter for your own reference.

You should get a reply within two weeks after the complaint was  received by the bank.


Step 3 –Deadlock letter

If you receive a "deadlock letter" from the bank, this means your complaint cannot be resolved. This letter will explain your bank's decision on your complaint and the reasons behind its decision. If you are still dissatisfied, you may then submit your complaint to the Financial Mediation Bureau (FMB), provided your complaint falls within the scope of FMB. Otherwise, you may write to Bank Negara Malaysia.

Submission to the FMB must be done within 6 months of receiving a decision from your bank. The services provided by FMB are free of charge.


Step 4 –Legal counsel

If your case is still unresolved, you might want to seek legal action by taking your case to court.

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