Proton Suprima S: Specs, Prices and Pics


Suprima S 2013 is the latest model from Proton. This model is powered by a CamPro 1.6 Turbo engine and comes in two variants - Executive and Premium. There are 5 colors to choose from: Atlantic Blue, Fire Red, Genetic Silver, Solid White and Tranquility Black.

Below are the pictures, specifications and prices for Proton Suprima S.

Proton Suprima S 2013 Pictures

proton suprima s front view

Proton Suprima S 2013 Specifications

Full specifications for Proton Suprima S are as below: 

spesifikasi proton suprima s

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Proton Suprima S 2013 Prices

Below are the On The Road Price (with insurance) list for Proton Suprima S that come with standard accessories/package.

Peninsular Malaysia Solid Metallic
1.6 CVT Executive RM 76,338.00 RM 76,688.00
1.6 CVT Premium RM 79,638.00 RM 79,988.00
Sabah and Sarawak    
1.6 CVT Executive RM 78,338.00  RM 78,688.00
1.6 CVT Premium RM 81,638.00 RM 81,988.00
1.6 CVT Executive RM 73,038.00 RM 73,388.00
1.6 CVT Premium RM 76,338.00 RM 76,688.00
1.6 CVT Executive RM 72,338.00 RM 72,688.00
1.6 CVT Premium RM 79,638.00 RM 79,988.00

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