Malaysia And Singapore Zakat Fitrah Rates For 2020


Zakat Fitrah is a zakat / tithe on self, mandatory on ALL Muslims during the month of Ramadan. The time to pay Zakat Fitrah is during the whole month of Ramadan, up until the morning of Aidil Fitri (before the start of the Aidil Fitri prayer). Muslim public is advised to pay early to avoid last minute rush to pay.

[Baharu] Malaysia Zakat Fitrah Rates For Year 2021

Zakat fitrah payments can be made to the respective State Islamic Religious Council or appointed Amils.

If the duration of the Movement Control Order (MCO) extends until Ramadan, people are encouraged to pay zakat fitrah online.

Below are the Zakat Fitrah rates for each state in Malaysia and Singapore for 2018/1439H as determined by each state’s Religious Council.

Malaysia Zakat Fitrah Rates For Ramadan 2020/1441H And Modes Of Payment

State Fitrah Rates Payment Channels

(RM14 dan RM21 are preferable)

  • Appointed Amils
  • e-Zakat payment MAIK website (FPX, JomPAY, Kad Kredit)
  • Internet Banking (16 bank)
  • MyMaik eZakat Payment app
  • SMS
Terengganu RM7.00
  • Appointed Amils
  • Internet Banking (7 banks)
  • SnapNPay app
Pahang RM7.00
  • MUIP e-Zakat (FPX) website
Perlis RM7.00
  • Appointed Amils
  • Internet banking (BIMB, Maybank, CIMB)
  • SnapNPay app
Kedah RM5.00, RM7.00, RM14.00 & RM21.00
  • Appointed Amils
  • Jom Zakat -
  • Asnaf Care -
  • Zakat On Touch (ZOT) (Android dan IOS) app
Pulau Pinang RM7.00 & RM16.00
  • Appointed Amils
  • SnapNPay app
  • JomPAY
  • QR Code
  • GoPayZ app
  • FPX
Perak RM7.00, RM14.00 & RM21.00
  • Appointed Amils
  • MAIAMP e-Zakat (FPX) website
  • QRPay Maybank
  • SnapNPay app
  • GoPayZ app
Selangor RM7.00, RM14.00 & RM21.00
  • Appointed Amils
  • eZakatPay portal (FPX)
  • GoPayZ e-wallet app
  • Boost e-wallet app
  • QR Code
  • Internet Banking (9 banks)
  • MyEG Portal
  • Pos Online
Negeri Sembilan RM7.00
  • Portal Pembayaran Zakat melalui
  • ZakatN9 app
  • SnapNPay app
  • JomPAY
Melaka RM7.00 & RM14.00
  • Appointed Amils
  • website
  • QRPay Bank Muamalat
Johor RM7.00 & RM10.00
  • Zakat Johor Online Payment - Fastpay melalui atau pengguna berdaftar melalui
  • Johor Online Payment –
  • SnapNPay app
Sabah RM6.00 & RM7.50
  • Appointed Amils
  • Internet Banking
  • Portal MyEG
  • SnapNPay app
  • JomPAY
Sarawak RM7.00
  • Amil
  • Pelanggan TBS (Baitulmal Kamek) portal
  • MyEG portal
  • Maybank2U
  • Tabung Baitulmal Sarawak App
  • SnapNPay app
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya dan Labuan RM5.00 & RM7.00
  • Appointed Amils
  • PPZ-MAIWP Counter
  • PPZ Portal
  • Internet banking (14 banks)
  • PayHalal
  • MyEG
  • U-Mobile
  • Pos Online

Singapore Zakat Fitrah Rates For Ramadan 2020/1441H

Zakat fitrah rates for Singapore for the year 1441H / 2020 are S$5.10 per person (normal rate) dan S$7.50 per person (higher rate).

Zakat fitrah rates are set by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) based on the median price of 2.3kg of rice (normal grade and higher grade rice).

Last years's fitrah rates were S$5.00 per person (normal rate) dan S$7.00 per person (higher rate).

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