e-Penyata Gaji: Review Your Pay Slip Online


e-Penyata Gaji is a service that lets government employees make salary review online. This free service is provided by the Accountant General's Department of Malaysia (Jabatan Akuantan Negara Malaysia -JANM). With e-Penyata Gaji, your pay slip can be accessed online, one day before pay day -quick and easy.

Signing up for new users

Before you can use this online service, you must first register at the following link:

New (e-Penyata Gaji) User Registration

Fill in the required information such as I/C or Passport No., Salary No., Password and Security Question.

Reviewing Your Pay Slips

Upon completion of registration, you can start reviewing your pay slips, via this link:

e-Penyata Gaji System

e penyata gaji log in

In addition to making the salary review, you can also review your annual income report. Your pay slips and income reports will be kept at the site, and can be accessed and printed at any time, for any purposes.

For more information or any questions you may contact the Accountant General's Department via email at maklumbalas@anm.gov.my or by phone at 03-88821000.

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