e-Penyata Gaji / e-Payslip: Checking Pay Slip Online

e-Payslip 2023. e-Penyata Gaji / e-Payslip is a system that allows civil servants to make salary check online. This free online service is provided by the Accountant General's Department of Malaysia (Jabatan Akuantan Negara Malaysia - JANM).

With e-Penyata Gaji, the latest payslip can be accessed online a day before the salary payment date.

How To Check Salary Statements / Payslips Online

  1. Please visit the Accountant General's Department of Malaysia (AGD) official portal at the following link:


    e-payslip for january february march april may jun july august september october november december 2023

  2. Click on the icon or "SISTEM e-PENYATA GAJI DAN LAPORAN (e-PAYSLIP AND REPORT SYSTEM)" link, and you will be taken to the login page.

    AGD ANM e-payslip review egaji

  3. Signing up for new users

    For new users, you must first register through the "Pertama Kali Mendaftar" link.

  4. Make a salary slip review

    After registering you can log in by entering the your identity card / passport number and password.

In addition to monthly salary statements, the Sistem ePenyata Gaji dan Laporan / e-Payslip and Report System also provides annual income reports. Salary statements and annual income reports can be accessed, printed or downloaded at any time,, for the purpose of bank loans, income tax calculations et cetera.

However, the ePayslip and Report System only stores the Monthly Salary Statements for a period of 18 months, the Annual Income Statements for a period of 7 years and the Payer Center Salary Report for the most recent 4 months. After that period, the data will be automatically removed from the system. Civil servants who wish to keep previous reports must download them before they are removed from the system.

The e-Payslip and Report System mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store (for the iOS platform) and the Google Play Store (for the Android platform) by searching for "ePayslip JANM".

For more information or any questions regarding e-Penyata Gaji / e-Payslip, you may contact the Accountant General's Department via email at maklumbalas@anm.gov.my or by phone at 03-88821000.

Hopefully the information on the online salary statement review or e-Payslip will benefit civil servants..