15 tell tale signs you need financial help


One of the reasons people land in financial disaster is because they don’t realize their problems until it is too late.

Being buried in debts doesn’t happen all of a sudden. Your financial health deteriorates gradually and gives out signs along the way. All you need is recognize the signs and take appropriate actions.

Here are 15 warning signs that tell you need financial help/advice.

  1. You only pay the minimum amount every month for your credit card.
  2. You take frequent cash advances.
  3. You have no savings or emergency fund.
  4. You run out of money before the end of the month
  5. You purchase necessities (eg. food) using credit cards.
  6. You take a loan from a retirement plan or mortgage to pay your credit card or living expenses.
  7. You consistently pay your bills late.
  8. You borrow money from family or friends to pay your debts.
  9. You pay a credit card with another credit card.
  10. You are  near, at or over the limit on your credit cards
  11. You work  overtime or two jobs to keep up with bills.
  12. You received utilities shut-off notices
  13. You can’t sleep at night worrying about your money problems.
  14. You receive calls from debt collection agencies threatening you with legal action.
  15. The bank is threatening to foreclose your home.

Handling your finance requires discipline. If you detect a sign, it’s time to review your spending. Be smart and frugal. It may not improve your finance immediately but at least it will stop it from deteriorating further.

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